No commission paid on hearing aid sales - ACCC Report
Nina Quinn

No commission paid on hearing aid sales - ACCC Report

On March 3 2017, The ACCC released a report on 'The Sale of Hearing Aids in Australia'.

Neurosensory owners and management are delighted that our practices and policies are consistent with the ACCC expectations of how a consumer is and should be protected in accessing hearing care.

Neurosensory is independent from manufacturers and doesn’t pay commissions on hearing aid sales.

We have always had a very firm commitment from the owners and management of Neurosensory that paying commissions is not in the best interest of our clients.  We are dedicated to the highest standards of hearing health care. Our individually tailored hearing solution programs are selected only on the genuine need of the client. We are passionate about improving your quality of life and we like to ensure that every client is completely satisfied with the unique Neurosensory hearing health care service. Our audiologists only recommend hearing aids where they believe the client will benefit from wearing them.

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