Neurosensory has been providing outstanding hearing services, to thousands of satisfied clients, for over 35 years. We have now expanded to 23 hearing clinics.

Neurosensory was established in 1978 by Dr Anthony Canty, an Otolaryngologist, at St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital, Brisbane. Neurosensory, formerly trading as Queensland Hearing Aid and Audiological Services, offered a range of advanced diagnostic audiological services unavailable in any other health facility, either in the private or public sector, in Queensland. Neurosensory received referrals from ENT specialists throughout Queensland, New South Wales and Papua New Guinea.

Whilst the beginnings were small, the demand for our hearing loss services grew quickly, necessitating an expansion of space and staff. In 1992, a group of ENT surgeons, who respected the aims and objectives of Neurosensory, invested in the Company.

This new injection of ENT surgeons saw the Company grow and a decision to provide hearing aid services, as part of its rehabilitation offering, soon followed. The Company’s hearing clinics have since expanded to 23 hearing clinics located at Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Gold Coast, northern New South Wales, Sydney, Melbourne and Geelong

In 2014, Neurosensory purchased the Hearing and Balance Centre located in Sydney St Vincent's Hospital at Darlinghurst.  This clinic was initially established in 1994 and has an excellent reputation for providing a range of advanced diagnostic audiological services to its clients. We look forward to continuing to provide this comprehensive service. We now have 4 clinics located in Sydney and 2 clinics in Northern New South Wales.

In 2015, Neurosensory acquired Everything Hearing, a Melbourne based audiology company with 5 hearing clinics in Melbourne. Established in 1996 as Melbourne Diagnostic Audiology, founded by a group of Melbourne's leading Ear, Nose and Throat surgeons, who are now ENT partners of Neurosensory. We look forward to continuing to provide high clinical standards of our complete hearing health care services to our clients. We now have 6 clinics located in Melbourne.