Gina Daly - Audiologist, Benowa Clinic

Gina Daly - Audiologist, Benowa Clinic



What you studied

  • Bachelor of Health Science
  • Master of Audiology Studies
  • Graduated  2013

What you like about working at Neurosensory

I really appreciate the holistic approach to client care we can provide at Neurosensory, addressing both diagnostic and rehabilitative aspects of the clinical pathway. I also appreciate the dynamic range of skills and experience that both the clinicians and administration staff have, in my team. This means that whenever I need some advice or wisdom, help is just around the corner.

Tell us about a significant career episode

So far I have already had many positive experiences in my short career. One that sticks out in my mind involved a gentleman who had a moderate to severe sensorineural loss with significant tinnitus disturbance, which were both affecting his quality of life. He’d previously been told that hearing aids couldn’t help him and there was nothing to be done about his tinnitus. I was able to provide him with some tinnitus counselling and educate him on strategies that could help him manage his tinnitus. I also trialled him with some hearing aids and he was thrilled to report the significant benefits that they had provided him in both improving his hearing and helping him manage his tinnitus disturbance. He has now been fit with his own pair of hearing aids and is doing really well. This was a really rewarding experience for me.