Eloise Doherty - Audiologist, Buderim Clinic

Eloise Doherty - Audiologist, Buderim Clinic



What you studied

  • Bachelor of Music (Performance)
  • Master of Audiology Studies
  • Graduated  2013

What you like about working at Neurosensory

I like the fact that I can learn everything here. I also like being in a clinic with a number of clinicians, as there are many people I can talk to when more complex cases come along.

Tell us about a significant career episode

I saw a client that an ENT had sent to us for rehabilitation. He had tried surgery and had been unsuccessful, so it was time to consider hearing aids/BAHA. The client didn’t want more surgery, so we did a hearing aid trial. This was one of my first solo hearing aid trials and the client had some complex needs, so I was really nervous about it. She ended up loving the aids and going ahead immediately. I have subsequently tested and fitted her husband as well. It was a huge achievement for me to see the comment “Will only see ED” in one of their recent bookings, not because the other clinicians aren’t great, but because it assured me that I had really been able to help this couple.

Other comments

Working for Neurosensory is not for the faint hearted. You will be busy, you will be pushed far out of your comfort zone, and there will be stressful moments. But you will also learn a lot in a short space of time, work with some fantastic clinicians (who are also great people), and feel welcomed as a member of the team.