Amanda Fullerton - Audiologist,  Sydney St Vincent's Clinic

Amanda Fullerton - Audiologist, Sydney St Vincent's Clinic



What you studied

  • Bachelor of Science (Honours)
  • Master of Audiology Studies      
  • Graduated  2011

What you like about working at Neurosensory

Working at Neurosensory has allowed me to experience a wide range of clinical work on a daily basis, which makes for an interesting and dynamic work environment. I enjoy the challenges that it can present, but above all I appreciate the opportunities that Neurosensory have provided me in developing my clinical skills and the commitment to delivering ethical, client-centred care.

Tell us about a significant career episode

In my first year as a graduate audiologist, I met a lady with an auto-immune condition that caused progressive bilateral sensorineural hearing loss. Although she wore hearing aids, she was struggling to communicate at work and at home with her family, and her difficulties were causing her great distress. Her audiometric results showed significant deterioration in her speech discrimination ability despite amplification and various assistive devices such as an FM system. I discussed this case with my colleagues and she was soon referred for a cochlear implant assessment. She was implanted in the same year and has experienced tremendous results with her implant. I greatly value and appreciate being part of a team environment at Neurosensory that aims to achieve the best possible outcomes for clients.

Other comments

Although there can be challenges, I greatly enjoy working with a team of hard-working, motivated and caring individuals. No two days are ever quite the same!